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St Pauls Romsey


St Pauls Romsey was originally part of the parish of Lancefield, of which the first Incumbent was Rev.J.C Mac Cullagh, who was afterwards Archdeacon and later Dean of Bendigo. The Romsey church was built in 1871, the foundation stone being laid on 20th December,1870 by the Very Rev Hussey Burgh Macaratney D.D.- Dean of melbourne from 1850 until his death in 1894 at the age of 95 years. Unfortunately the exact stone involved cannot be identified and it can only be presumed that an unmarked stone was laid. While the church was being built services were held in the Romsey Presbyterian Church by the kind permissions of Rev.W.A.Lind. The first service to be held in the new church took place on Sunday 26th November,1871,the preacher being the first incumbent Rev.H.F.Scott. The first wedding, that of Mr & Mrs Cryer (Mr Cryer was licensee of the Duck Holes hotel) was celebrated on November 5th 1872.



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